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How satisfied are clients?

For reviews of Gynaikon Clinics, please

This is an independent federation where patients can leave reviews about their experience with a healthcare provider in the Netherlands, such as a healthcare institutionand, therapists, hospitals, clinics etc.


The initiator of Gynaikon Clinics had been working for many years in clinics and departments, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. Based on practical experience, she has chosen to start her own clinic in order to implement some points for improvement that she missed elsewhere. After a long time of preparation, the first clinic opened its doors in 2017euren in Roermond (Limburg). In December, the second branch opened its doors in the old building of Casa Klinieken Rotterdam*, which had been declared bankrupt earlier that year. With this second clinic, Gynaikon Clinics covers a large working area in the South of the Netherlands.

* Casa Klinieken previously had branches in Amsterdam, The Hague, Goes, Houten, Leiden, Maastricht and Rotterdam.

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