what should you bring?

In order to your visit we would like to ask you to bring the following things:

health insurance card/policy. if you live abroad: your insurance card or travel insurance
valid passport or photo ID
your doctor's referral letter (if you have been referred)
ultrasound details (if available)
blood type card (if you have one)
if you use medication please take an overview from the pharmacy of what you take with you to the clinic. even if you don't use medication you are required to take a list with you
nightgown or long t'shirt, warm cardigan, underpants, slippers
sanitary towel (no tampons)
you should bring your own food and drinks; this will not be provied during your stay in the clinic

Please don't bring any prescribed antibiotics with you to the clinic; these will be provided to you in the abortion clinic.

Personal hygiene
In the interests of hygiene, we request you to shower prior to coming to the clinic for treatment.
Please remove any tongue or genital piercing prior to the treatment.
In case of sedation, you are required to remove any colouring contact lenses.
Because of the monitoring of oxygen saturation during the treatment, we kindly ask you to remove artificial nails and nailpolish from your left and right index finger.

In Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, one person can accompany you to the consultation, but they are not allowed to be by your side after the treatment. In Leiden a woman can guide you to the room where the treatment will take place. It is not allowed that a male person will guide you into the room where the treatment will take place. In Utrecht one person f/m can accompany you in the rest room. Maastricht, one person can accompany you to the consultation, and one person f/m can accompany you to the rest room. 

You are not allowed to bring children along.

Length of your stay
If you are staying in Amsterdam The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht or Maastricht you may expect to stay in the clinic for approximately four hours. If you are staying in Leiden for a treatment, please note that your stay may take the whole day.

Travelling to the clinic from foreign countries
If you travel to The Netherlands for termination of a pregnancy of more than 10 weeks and you plan to fly back the same day, there may be rules to be applied. It could be that you are not allowed to fly back on the same day, but on the following day. For more information please check the website of your airline company or contact the Travel Clinic at the airport for medical advice.

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