sedative anaesthesia

The surgical abortion procedures are generally performed using local anaesthesia. You can also choose sedative anaesthesia, which will induce you to go to sleep for a short while during the treatment.

If you have chosen for sedation it is important that you must not eat or drink anything six hours prior to the procedure, you have to be sober otherwise it could cause complications during the treatment. It is allowed to take two sips of water, clear apple juice or tea (without milk, without sugar) up to two hours before.

If you are wearing colouring lenses, you are required to take them out.

After the treatment, you will stay in the recuperation area for half an hour to two hours, depending on how far along you were in the pregnancy. You are not allowed to drive a car for 24 hours after the procedure and also not to go home on your own using public transport.

Treatment with sedation is not always possible in all CASA clinics. If you prefer a treatment with sedation, please mention this when you make an appointment.

Last modified on 02/02/2017 - 11:26