follow-up care

Post procedure follow up

You may suffer from stomach cramps and loss of blood, comparable with a normal menstruation, for a few days after the treatment. The risk of infection is low but if you feel unwell, have a fever (more than 38 °C) and stomach pain for more than one day, this may be the sign of an infection. In that case, please contact the clinic where you were treated or your general practitioner as soon as possible.

The signs of pregnancy reduce considerably after about one week. We advise you to take a pregnancy test and follow up the treatment after two weeks (in case of a pregnancy duration of 8-9 weeks) or three weeks (in case of pregnancy duration of 4-8 weeks). If the complaints don't subside, the pregnancy test is still positive or if you have any questions, please contact CASA clinics.

In the consultation for the check-up examination in the clinic, we discuss whether you have recovered well physically, whether you (still) have any complaints and how you are feellng emotionally. We also discuss your experiences of the treatment and issues relating to processing it. Further on we will give you advice on the use of contraception. 
You can also go to your general practitioner for post-procedure follow-up and in some cases the post-procedure follow-up can take place by phone.

For medical abortion procedures using the abortion pill, this occurs in just 1% to 4% of cases, and for all surgical abortion procedures the risk is less than 1%. Should this be the case, we will repeat the procedure by means of a suction curettage or medication.

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