Help with unplanned pregnancy

unplanned and unwanted pregnancy

It can happen that you fall pregnant, but your pregnancy is unplanned. The pregnancy can give rise to doubts and emotions. It is important to think calmly about whether or not you would like to have children and the options that are available to you.

If you have any doubts about your decision to continue or terminate the pregnancy, even during consultation or legal waiting period before starting the procedure, we can always refer you to a recognised institution such as Fiom for further consultation to gain insight into what you want, your motives and the options available to you.

If your pregnancy is unwanted and you have decided to terminate your pregnancy you can make an appointment at our Information and Appointment Centre. 


In The Netherlands, abortion is permitted until the foetal viability limit. This is 24 weeks. In practice, Dutch clinics and hospitals observe an upper limit of around 22 weeks.

Young people aged 16 or above can decide for themselves whether or not they want to terminate a pregnancy (abortion). Young people under the age of 16 need permission from one parent or from a legal guardian. If this isn't possible, a second referral from Fiom, another doctor than the general practitioner or one of the doctors in one of the CASA clinics suffices.

For procedures to be performed after 16 days overdue, the Dutch abortion law requires a waiting period of at least five days between the first consultation and the procedure. This first consultation can either be with the clinic's doctor, your general practitioner or gynaecologist. 

You are eligible for an early abortion up to 16 days after your normal menstruation date. An ultrasound will determine whether you fall within this term. This early abortion can be a suction curretage procedure or an abortion pill. In the event of an early abortion, a legally prescribed reflection period (waiting time) of 5 days applies and a referal is not necessary.






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